A Trip to Manali : Travel more often

It was too cold. I had not felt so much cold in my life. I was in manali. As I stepped out of my hotel, shivering inside my jacket I completely mesmerized by its beauty.

As I was from central India I had never seen snowfall in my life. It was the first time. The first thing I saw was the chay wala. He was an old man. I could easily tell by looking at him that he is making chay from ages. I went to him and asked him for a cup of chay. The chay was too good.

“Uncle since how long you are here.” I asked him by making a curious face.

“It’s been 15 years in Manali and from last 12 years I am making chay”,He said with a smile.

“Oh it’s been very long”, I said.

I joined my group and went to see some places in Manali. I was already amazed by the beauty around me. The snow, white mountain, green land and trees were looking amazing. We just played around all day.

As I was fond of writing I sat somewhere near the Hadimba Temple and started writing about the beauty around me. I thought for once who wouldn’t be happy in this beautiful place. No one would be unhappy there. Manali is such a beautiful place.

While writing, many questions came to my mind.

What if I would not plan this trip?

What if I would die without coming to this beautiful place?

I would not have felt this mesmerizing beauty around me. I would not have known the story of that chay wala who was selling tea for more than one decade. And I would not have seen the snowfall in real.

I realized I should travel more often. Because there are thousands of beautiful places that we are leaving behind because of the busy life we have. What is the point of living in this world if we are not exploring the beauty of it?

Traveling gives us inner peace. It gives us relaxation which is very important in this restless life. Exploring the places can be adventurous.

So guys take out some time from your busy schedule and explore the places with your family or friends. Believe me it will be fun.

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3 thoughts on “A Trip to Manali : Travel more often

  • January 11, 2018 at 2:07 am

    Travel is an amazing way to gain exposure to different cultures and learn more about the world. It exposes us to beauties we might otherwise miss while tangled in daily life. Manali is truly a beautiful place – I have trekked through the Himalayas and have fallen in love; I understand your sentiments. Thank you for sharing.


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