Dear Guy Best Friend

Dear Guy Best friend,
It has been a long time since we’ve known each other. We’ve created immense memories with each other, some dark and some bright. I still can’t figure out how we came so close to each other that we share every minute details about our lives.

I still remember the day I saw you for the first time, that day my life turned upside down. And I fell for you that very moment. Yes that is what we call “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”

but consequently when we became friends from strangers my hopes glistened. And then one day I confessed my love for you, and for the very best of it, you did the same. That day I was on the “7th Sky”. But who knew that all what you said was mere lie, and in just two days we broke up, for all you said you can’t keep up with me.

My heart shattered into pieces, and those pieces still wait to be assembled again by your love. Though I know it is impossible but the hope never dies. Even after this, I agreed to accept you as my best friend.

Yaa!! A friend with whom you’ll talk whole night, argue and dominate on her life.. But still with a tag of “FRIEND”. and I being a fool agreed to all your tantrums because I had fallen for you and for me it was impossible to move out of it.

Slowly and gradually, for you I became a past-time who has to be present for your recreation whenever you wish. My life turned into dark nights which were filled with your talks about your new girlfriend and I just smiled with tears rolling down my face.

I am still the same but you’ve changed a lot. The way you talk to me now confuses me with your love for me or your drama!!

But my dear best friend, I would like to tell you, you may have changed but knowingly or unknowingly you’ve murdered my inner soul. Thanks for turning me into a dead soul alive.


Submitted by : Harshita Ashwani

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