How their complicated relationship turned them into two love birds

Read the story to know how their complicated relationship turned them into two love birds.

The sea waves were continuously making sound but it was really peaceful though. The birds were chirping right above me on a palm tree. It was like they were trying to tell me something. But unfortunately I was not able to understand them. That day I had gone to a nearby beach in the morning. It had become my daily routine.

I sat there on the sand. It was early morning so there were not many people around me. It was very peaceful and relaxing. I was making circles on the sand with my finger and suddenly I noticed something beside me. I turned to my right and it was her. As I saw into her eyes, they were looking tired as she didn’t sleep last night. Her eyes were red as she had cried all night long. I saw her for two seconds and turned my head looking away from her.

10 days ago that girl was my girlfriend. We had a huge fight and at last we broke up. The reason for which I had been going to beach every morning from last few days was this breckup. I was not able to cope up with this. I was burning like hell inside. Nothing seemed interesting to me. It was all for the obvious reason, I was in love with her.

For the past few months our relationship had turned into a complicated relationship. We were having fights almost everyday. I tried almost everything to love her but things were not working as per my wish.

One day I went to her place to tell her that I had to go to Delhi to persue my journalism program. I was shortlisted for the program and it was like dream come true.

‘What? No, you are not going anywhere, I won’t let you go anywhere’, She said.

‘I have to go dear, its only for six months. I will be back soon’, I said holding her hand.

‘You always do this, you are not serious about us isn’t it?’

‘Its not like that baby, they have shortlisted me, its my dream, I have to go. Try to understand.’

‘Your dream, your passion, what about us? Mom and dad have already started searching a boy for me. What will I tell them?’ she said.

‘I don’t know. I will tell them when I am back. Just try to understand me, I have to go.’

‘You know what? We are done. Its over now.’ She said and left the place.

I tried calling her continuosly but she didn’t pick up the call. I also went to her place to talk with her but I couldn’t see her even for a once.

And when she was sitting beside me, I was not able to say anything. I just kept looking away from her, towards the horizon. But she was continuously staring at me and I had no idea what to say her.

‘How are you?’ She asked.

It was been 10 days we had not talked to each other.

‘What do you expect?’ I said looking at her.

‘I am sorry. It was completely my fault. I shouldn’t have fight with you. Its your dream. How could I be so selfish? What’s wrong with me?’ She said with tears in her eyes.

‘Hey listen, I love you and I will love you forever, no matter how far I am from you. I will be always in touch with you. And its only for six month dear. Please don’t think like this. And as far as your marriage is concerned, I will talk to your parents about us very soon.’ I said wiping her tears.

She smiled and didn’t say anything. She just looked at me and then we kissed.

And today its been six months. Now I have a decent job which I wanted to do. And I am going to talk with her parents. I hope all goes well.


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