How to write Fiction : 8 steps you must follow

Well how to write fiction? Many of you must have thought about it one or more time. I have also thought about it various times. Whenever I read novels, I used to think about it, how the writers manage to write story with more than 250 pages even the story is not related to their real life. Isn’t it amazing? If they can write why not you. You can also write an amazing story. What you need is just a little effort.



See writing a fiction requires various steps. You must follow the proper steps to write a story. And then you are done with your story but only if you start.

Below are the steps to write fiction.

Develop an idea :

This is the first thing you have to do, Develop an idea. If you plan to write a story you must need an idea. You must know how the story will go on. Just think about what kind of story you are writing. Maybe it can be your story or may be other’s story. Just find an idea which has the ability to connect with audience.

You should write in such a way that the audience can feel it. Otherwise no one will be interested to read it. If you feel the idea then there will be more possibilities that the audience will also feel your idea.

Make a plot :

A story can not be started without a plot. We can’t write a fiction story without a plot. Plot is a sequence of events that occur in the story. And these events are related to each other. The structure of a story depends on its plot. Plot comprises of characters, role of characters, the things thay do and the reason for which they do the things.

After having an idea of the story you must start making plot of the story. I have seen many people having an idea but they take ages to start writing and eventually with time passes they end up doing nothing.

It happens with a lot of people. But its a normal thing guys, it can be happen with anyone. But if you wanna write something you should not wait. You have to start it then only it will be finish. So start making plot of the story after having an idea.

Create characters :

Creating characters is the most important part of fiction writing. After making a plot you have to assign characters to the story. First of all you have to create a protagonist which will be hero or heroine and obviously main character of the story.

Also assign the roles to the characters. And assign roles to the characters in such a way that the audience can find it relatable. You have to give the life to the characters. Just try to feel the character’s life and you will end up giving a life to them.

Start writing :

As I said earlier if you start something then only it will be finished. Without start writing, the story can not be completed. It happens a lot of times. People have idea, plot, characters but then also they take time to start writing. And as time passes they remain stuck at the moment.

So just try to start writing as soon as possible because if you won’t start you will end up forget all the things that you have done.

Dialogue writing :

If its a fiction story the dialogues will be definitely present. Just try to add dialogues to the script as many as possible. And try to use the real life dialogues which you use in your daily life. Dialogues should be present as per the genre of the story. For example if the story is of comedy genre then you have to add dialogues with some humor present in it.

While writing dialogues make sure you arange the dialogues properly. Because dialogues happens between two or more characters. So you must assign dialogues to each characters properly.

Create suspense :

To entertain audience you must add suspense to the story. It can also be two or more times as per the story. Without a suspense nobody read the fictional story. Just try to add suspense to the story and after some time reveal it. It should not be like you create suspense and later on you forgot to reveal. You must reveal the facts behind the story.

Feel the story :

While writing you must feel the story then only the audience will feel it. Just imagine yourself in the story. Try to think If you would be in place of character what you would have done. You should just feel the character’s life.

Ending :

A story is not a story without the proper ending. You must end the story with proper ending. After reading it must be felt like yes it is the best ending this story can have. Just try to sum up the story at the end. And also you must have to end the story as per your future plan to write a second edition of the fiction or not. If you are planning to write a second edition then you should end it by leaving a suspense. And if this is your final edition then you should completely end it at the last.


So guys above are the steps to write a fiction story. Just try to follow these steps to write your story.

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    Well written. Thank you. A must read for many who r new to blogging. A good extend of help to all those who are new to writing. Good blog


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