Loving her Soul

Your silence was flawlessly wrapped in chaos,
But here I was, hankering for the touch of your body,
Desperate; infatuation for your curves,
But ended loving your soul.

“That’s how it is. You think it’s love when you’re falling for the bodies, not soul. No Mr. Stewart. That’s not love. Love never happens when you’re craving for fucking her all night long but it’s when you’re lying next to her and falling for the way she smiles. It’s not when you’re drooling to touch her boobs and lips… but it’s when you’re desperate to kiss her soul. She’s not a trophy that you’re thinking to win or a trash material that can be dumped later on after use. She is a human and she has a heart too and it hurts when you do things like this. Make her believe not just only on her own, but true love too. It’s not the fate which will decide who’ll stay…It’s you. Be a man and Don’t go Mr. Stewart. Stay.”

” but she said she loved me. It’s the past tense, you know?” I reminded her while pouring some more tea in my cup.

” yes, because she fears to face the truth that she still loves you. She’s making herself fool so that it could pain a little less . Maybe she loves you more now. Maybe all she needs is you… but all she want is happiness and for now you’re her pain. I hope, in future you’ll prove yourself as her perfect present and forever future. Hope you’ll give her what she needs the most. ” she turned and left without uttering a single word more or even turning back once. I guess the cliche about women are so ununderstandable are somewhat true.


Fan post by Annanya Sharma.

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