17 Most Popular Indonesian Tourism Destinations in the World

17 Most Popular Indonesian Tourism Destinations in the World – Defined as the largest archipelago country, Indonesia has Kalimantan, Jawa, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Papua as its five main islands. Though the smaller islands such as Bali, Karimunjawa, Gili and Lombok also attract both local and international tourists. Tons of beautiful beaches and tropical climate? None can beat this combination!

Indonesia is well known for its diverse landscapes that it strives to top the go-to-places list among tourists. The diversity is what the country tries to promote, potentially attracting more tourists to visit. 

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Cows’ Waste As Source of Biogas Productions


Cows’ Waste As Source of Biogas Productions – Indonesia is famous for its abundant energy sources. Nevertheless, those sources will vanish slowly but surely due to the nation’s lack of ability to optimize them. Explorations and distributions of crude oil always seem to be continuous problems.

Crude oil, a fuel which has been in use for daily household needs by Indonesians, has now become a concerned phenomenon due to its rare day-to-day productions. Moreover, the government has applied a new policy of replacing crude oil with gas.

Animal and household wastes can be used as renewable alternative energy sources, called organic wastes, which are cheap, handy, and eco-friendly.

Alternative energy is all types of energy without fossil fuels to maintain the availability of energy for citizens. Biogas is applicable for vehicle and gas fuels, gas alternatives, and power plants.

Meanwhile, cows, of which meat is an endless commodity business due to its worldwide consumption, are the most commonly  bred cattles giving rise to the daily increase of cows’ waste.

Such waste will get even more day to day and cause terrible environmental impacts if it is improperly disposed of. Therefore, making use of cows’ waste as a biogas source is the best policy. It turns out that the polluted cows’ waste has become a useful energy source for humans.

Cows’ waste contains methane gas (CH4 ) that can be processed into a gas type called biogas, a renewable fuel from cows’ waste decompositions, which can be a great choice to supply the household needs, such as cooking and electricity power. Its production is done through an anaerobic fermentation where the cows’ waste is inserted and abandoned in a non-oxygen area. Then, the anaerobic bacteria will automatically appear to break the cows’ waste organic molecules to become methane, carbon dioxide, a little monoxide carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

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Tips to Know and Avoid Investment Fraud

investment fraud

Tips to Know and Avoid Investment Fraud – Investment, also known as investing money for profit, is an effective way to make your money work. It is one of the best strategic factors in economic activity that is defined as the activity of investing money or assets to gain profit.

Investment is also a good option for your pension savings. It is either financial or business products such as stores, offices or properties investment. 

The wide availability of investment information triggers more investment scams. Make sure we are aware of these illegal practices around us.

Investment fraud is a practice of purchasing stock markets based on false information. The individual who suggests you make a purchase is who actually has your money. Always be aware and careful before starting investing your money.

In July 2020, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) revealed 99 illegal investments which secretly operate among societies. OJK performs its duty over financial services to create an order, justified, transparent and accountable activities. The authority is expected to build a sustainable and stable financial system, and to protect the interest of consumers and the public. 

This illegal investment usually takes advantage of people’s ignorance and involves promises of big returns. Learn more about its characteristics to help you avoid investment scams.

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Build a Personal Branding: Strategies and Benefits

personal branding

Building a good personal branding is important for every businessman. Whether you are selling products or services, having them promoted to your prospective customers is the key of communication. Effective communication with buyers is crucial to the bidding process.

This process is often associated with personal ability to build expertise and trust, and engaging values. Personal branding is understood as the process of creating other perceptions about yourself. It includes personality, ability, and values that create a positive impression. This is a way to make yourself well-known, interesting and stand out from the rest with distinctive characteristics.

Creating a personal branding means defining a positive image of an individual or company to their audiences. The latter word refers to their target market, who are expected to support long-term goals. In other words, it is the effort to promote and introduce yourself or company to the public, generating trust value, purposes, personal  or product vision and mission statements.

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Effective Ways to Improve a Company’s Brand Image

brand image

It is admitted that all companies want excellent brand image to gain their customers’ trust. It needs serious considerations when you start building up a business to catch customers’ attention and to increase the sales growth.

As a result, many business owners try to create positive brand images for more trustworthy and incredible brands.

A brand image is an intentionally created perception by a company for customers to memorize. Considering the importance of a brand images as a company’s identity, it is a crucial aspect to make a difference from the other competitors.

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Delicious and Savory: Indonesian Market Snacks You Must Taste

indonesian market snacks

Known for its culinary wealth, jajanan pasar or literally translated as market snacks is a favorite among Indonesian. These refer to a wide variety of snacks you found and bought in the traditional market. With different regions offering different snacks, these traditional foods are still quite popular.

In fact, some snacks come with a modern touch for better serving and taste, which confirms their first position on the snack list and contributes enough to economic growth in general. 

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Recommended Indoor Decorative Plants and Ways to Pick Them

indoor decorative plants

Home is a nice place to breathe in fresh air and to relax after a busy day. You can rest on the sofa watching the room corner full of tidily arranged indoor decorative plants planted inside a house or an office in order to decorate the room itself, to obtain better physical and mental health, to clean up the air, and to produce natural oxygen inside the room.

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Best Air Freshener to Make Your Home Smell Good

air freshener

People with a clean house actually feel better and live healthier than others. Not only clean, creating a pleasant atmosphere will uplift your mood. A good air freshener is an easy way to deliver fragrance and eliminate bad smells at once. 

Coming to a room with a calming and comfortable scent is uniquely inviting us to stay longer, and so does a house with an air freshener.

From spray to diffuser, aromatic candles and oil, air freshener has more types you can choose from.

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Environmental Pollution: Meaning, Types and Causes

environmental pollution

Environmental Pollution: Meaning, Types and Causes – Environment is defined as the surroundings in which living things or organisms live. It is a total of every element that creates a condition and how they directly or indirectly influence the life of an individual or group, in certain circumstances.

Environmental pollution is not a new thing in society. In fact, it has been the biggest problem that they ever handle. Every human activity generates a form of waste which mostly contributes to any form of pollution.

This is mostly caused by growing population and overexploitation of nature, poor industrial management and eventually, the world’s natural events.

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