17 Most Popular Indonesian Tourism Destinations in the World

17 Most Popular Indonesian Tourism Destinations in the World – Defined as the largest archipelago country, Indonesia has Kalimantan, Jawa, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Papua as its five main islands. Though the smaller islands such as Bali, Karimunjawa, Gili and Lombok also attract both local and international tourists. Tons of beautiful beaches and tropical climate? None can beat this combination!

Indonesia is well known for its diverse landscapes that it strives to top the go-to-places list among tourists. The diversity is what the country tries to promote, potentially attracting more tourists to visit. 


17  Recommended Indonesian Tourism Destinations

Indonesian tourism destinations refers to a place or location which attracts either individual or group to visit or stay longer. Here are some places to visit in Indonesia:

Bali Island

Bali has always been famous among the international tourists for its nature and culture. Out of all places there, you can visit Ubud Art Market, Uluwatu, Monkey Forest, Tegalalang, Padang Padang Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and more. 

Moyo Island

Located in West Nusa Tenggara, this island is the true hidden gem for international tourists. The secluded natural beauty never fails to mesmerize.

Merapi Mountain

This place is situated on the border between the province of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta. If you are looking for the remains of eruptions, Merapi Lava Tour would drive you to locations where the eruptions destroyed everything.  

Leuser Mount National Park

It is the largest flora and fauna conservation area in Southeast Asia which is based in Aceh. It is also a home of Rafflesia atherogenesis and Rafflesia zippelni.   

Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo is just a small city in the east part of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Situated just at the seaside, this city is also surrounded by mountains covered in greens. Eventually, Labuan Bajo is the main gate to Komodo National Park, where the Komodo lives. This city is known for its exceptional natural beauty, especially the white sandy beaches and clear sea water.    

Mentawai Island

Mentawai is what the surfers refer to as heaven. Situated in West Sumatra, this island directly faces the Indian Ocean, making the waves such a challenge. 

Pulo Cinta

Moved to the east of Indonesia, we have a resort that comes in love-shaped floating on the clear sea water in Boalemo, Gorontalo. It offers you to witness their underwater beauty in Tomini Bay, or simply just sit on the bridge while enjoying fish among the corals.   

Komodo Island

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This island is situated in Komodo – Manggarai,  East Nusa Tenggara province. Highlight your visit by staying on a traditional Pinisi boat, floating in the middle of crystal clear blue water around the island. Of course, visitors can personally witness the majestic Komodo, the heir of the dragon.

Bunaken National Park

Lies in Manado, North Sumatra, Bunaken is well-renowned for its outstanding marine beauty. It is a place for radiantly colored coral reefs and fish, and hundreds of sea creatures.       

Kei Islands

Kei Island is a major drawn attraction in Maluku, comprising 20 big and small islands with Kei Besar and Kai Kecil as two main islands. It is popular for brilliantly natural landscapes, particularly the white warm sand and blue water. Visitors can fly from Ambon or get on a boat from Tual.

Derawan Islands

Derawan is a group of islands in East Kalimantan that is best known for exhibits breathtaking underwater landscapes, mainly its coral reefs and marine biodiversity. Visitors can do snorkeling, diving and observing the turtle breed. Among the islands, Kakaban stands out more with its Ubur-Ubur Lake, and Sangalaki island for its manta ray observation spot.       

Borobudur Temple

The biggest Buddha temple in the world lies in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Borbudur was built in the 8th century under The King Wangsa Syailendra order and has been UNESCO World Heritage since 1991. The temple has 504 Buddha statues and 72 small stupas containing Buddha statues.       

Togean Island

Another destination offering coral reefs and marine biodiversity lies in Central Sulawesi. If you are not into water sports, renting a boat to get you around is also worthed to try.

Tanjung Meriam Beach

Called the best beach in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, this beach is full of hexagonal rocks. The facilities range from best photo spots to wide parking space, restaurants and gazebo and of course the restrooms.      

Banda Neira

A small city in Banda Besar Island, Banda Islands, Maluku that was the spice trade center in the past and popular for the breathtaking landscapes.

Visitors can go to Belgica Fortress built by the Dutch, Banda Api, white sandy Banda Neira beaches and Rebo Museum  

Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Widely spread across Papua, this exotic bay has Misowaar Island that offers Wandau ethnic history and an old church. While visitors can observe the Cendrwasih bird, they can also spot the giant whale shark.   

Raja Ampat

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This destination is based in West Papua. Famous for its heavenly diving spots, the water is exceptionally beautiful with the fish banks between the corals. Raja Ampat also offers you a service observing the Cendrawasih activities.  


Those are our recommended of Indonesian tourism destinations you must visit. While not every place made into our list, we hope this article helps you explore the beauty of Indonesia.

Have a great holiday!

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