Best Air Freshener to Make Your Home Smell Good

People with a clean house actually feel better and live healthier than others. Not only clean, creating a pleasant atmosphere will uplift your mood. A good air freshener is an easy way to deliver fragrance and eliminate bad smells at once. 

Coming to a room with a calming and comfortable scent is uniquely inviting us to stay longer, and so does a house with an air freshener.

From spray to diffuser, aromatic candles and oil, air freshener has more types you can choose from.



Air freshener is particularly effective to remove lingering smells at home. More than it tackles bad odor, air freshener also has more benefits such as:

Evoke a feeling of comfort to the house

A home with a very pleasing aroma creates a sense of relaxation that makes you and family stay comfortably.   

Create a familiar scent

It is possible to recall the smell of your favorite scent of air freshener while you are away. Even your guests, too. 

Uplift your mood

Coming home to your favorite scent after all that boring routine can help improve your mood. Air freshener offers you a sense of comfort and relaxing, indeed.   

Add a sense of warmth and hospitality

Home air fresheners also help us create a pleasant, warmth and hospitality atmosphere.  

Improve your mood

Good smell stimulates the brain to produce serotonin hormones that improve your mood. Air freshener can eventually change your mood, make you happier and calmer.   

Improve your concentration

Keeping yourself focused helps you increase productivity. Lemon claims to be perfect for this purpose, evoking a sense of calm and freshens your mind.    

Get a better sleep

Some air fresheners can greatly improve your sleep. Some fragrances were suggested such as lavender, bergamot, orange, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, tea and blueberry.


Ways to Make Natural yet Non Toxic Air Freshener

While some air freshener brands pamper you with various scents available, you can also start making your own if you are running out of good choices. 

These homemade air fresheners are the safest and fairly easy to put together”

Nutmeg and mango stew

Boil some mangoes, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla together for a few hours or more. Keep them in a spray bottle to scent your rooms.   

Scented wood blocks

Throw a bunch of small raw wood blocks that are coated in your favorite essential oil into a closed jar for the whole night. The woods absorb the aroma, giving you a couple of aromatic blocks. They are best used under your car seats or bed, and bathroom too.        

Freshener bag

Choose drawstring lightweight cloth bags. Fill each bag with incense cones, herbs, or cotton balls soaked in essential oil. Good for your car or wardrobe.      

  1. Put some baking soda in the container, adding 15 to 25 scented drops then shake them together. Let it open or replace the inner part with holes-punched paper for air circulation.
  2. Essential diffuser

Blend a quarter cup of hot water to a quarter cup of alcohol in an artistic jar, then add 20-25 drops of essential oil. Voila! Your personal diffuser is ready.


In conclusion, air freshener offers positive benefits for life, like making up a more cozy and comfy atmosphere at home. Choose the most suitable product and use them moderately. 

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