Global Warming: Definition, Causes, and Effects on Humans’ Lives

Global warming can give rise to the melting of the North and the South poles’ ice as it has occurred in the Arctic areas that heats twice faster than the other parts of the world resulting in the white ice cubes in the sea to diminish or, even worse, to vanish.

The global temperature which is approximately 1 to 1.5 degree celsius higher than normal is the common cause of global warming. Despite the temperature’s little increase, it turns out that it makes huge impacts on the earth.



Global warming is the earth’s imbalance ecosystem due to the increase of the average temperature of the atmospheres, seas, and lands on earth. The earth’s average temperature has increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C for the past hundred years due to the increase of the greenhouse gas emission, for example, carbon dioxide, metana, dinitro oksida, hydrofluorocarbon, perfluorocarbon, and heksa fluorida sulfur on the atmospheres resulting from illegal deforestations and combustions of fossil fuels such as petroleums and coals.


Causes of Global Warming

Factory Smoke

Factories expel dangerous abundant smoke containing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane gas through their chimneys. Such gas types can trigger problems on humans’ health and pollute the air resulting in unbearable global warming.

Petrol-Fueled Vehicle Pollution

Smoke of petrol-fueled vehicles contains carbon dioxide gas, which is one of the greenhouse contents. The high concentrations of the carbon dioxide increase the greenhouse effects resulting in more heat to get trapped which causes the earth to heat up even more.


Trees are able to change carbon dioxide into oxygen in which forests absorb CO2 to decrease global warming effects. On the other hand, the amount of the country’s trees has continuously gone down due to illegal deforestation and forest combustions.

The Use of Fossil Fuels

Indonesia today has still been using fossil fuels such as coals, natural gasses, and petroleum. Coals, which are used by power plant companies, become one of the causes of global warming.

Excessive Trash Combustions

That people leave their burned trash, for instance, plastic bottles and wraps, etc. is a harmful activity because it produces methane gas being dangerous for the earth. Such methane gas can cause global warming.

Those five cases have become the most common causes of global warming in spite of the other many causes. The main problem is the uncontrollable carbon dioxide and methane gas productions.


Effects on Humans’ Lives

Animal Extinctions

Extreme weather can endanger animal habitats and their ecosystems.

Hunger and Poverty

Extreme weather change can trigger hunger due to the decrease of food source. Farms and poultries have less or even no production. Furthermore, its impact on society is the increase of the unemployed and the decrease of prosperity.

The Ice Melting at the Poles

The ice melting at the poles results from the increase of the earth temperature and the poles’ ice has been melting 28 trillion tons for the past 30 years.

The Increase of the Sea Volumes

After such a huge ice melting, here comes the increase of the sea volumes as the next impact.

Lack of Clean Water

Global warming causes the lack of clean water due to evaporation processes of the water inside the earth making clean water hard to obtain.

Forest Fire

The enhancement of the air temperature can also trigger forest fires.

Smoky Haze

Forest fires produce smoky haze which is harmful for humans’ health.


Humans’ immune systems will weaken due to the environment’s damage, making humans vulnerable to various diseases that will seemingly be an epidemic.


How to Minimize Global Warming

It can be reduced with proven actions by people all around the world. Nature explorations should be well controlled. Here are simple steps to minimize global warming:

  1. Lowering the use of motorized vehicles
  2. Preserving nature
  3. Controlling electricity consumption
  4. Managing waste


That is the brief explanation of global warming intended to keep you informed about it and to prevent higher global warming from happening.

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