How to Do Skincare Layering for Your Healthier, Brighter, Anti-Aging Skin

There is no doubt that doing skincare layering, a process of applying a series of skincare on your skin, is truly beneficial. The expected result is to maximize the  absorbance of the skincare formula for a healthier, brighter, anti-aging skin.


What Is Skincare Layering?

Skincare layering is a process of applying a series of skincare in a sequence order on your skin. For example, you add serum after toner, essence after serum, moisturizer after essence or serum to maximize the absorbance of the skincare formula on each layer to get a healthier, cleaner, anti-aging skin.


How to Do the Skincare Layering

Steps to do skincare layering include the following:

Double cleansing

Clean your face from dirt, oil, and make-up with water-based cleanser products or wipes. Then, apply facial cleansing gel to moisturize and to brighten your skin. This is called double cleansing.

Apply your products properly

Spraying toner directly on your face is more effective than pouring it on a cotton. In fact, this way can also economize your toner because the toner is well absorbed by skin.

Give your skin a break

Give your skin at least a two-minute-break among applications from one skincare layer to another in order for your skin to absorb the first layer well, then you can continue with the next layer applications.

Use your skincare from the lightest level

Start applying your skincare from the lightest level. You can start it with a toner. The next one is a serum, the thicker product, and the last one is a moisturizing cream. By applying the lightest product level first, the rest of the skincare products can be perfectly absorbed into the skin.


How to Do the Skincare in the Morning

Everyone must have their own ways to take care of their skins such as doing the skincare layering in the evening or morning. Here are some proper steps to do the skincare layering to look after your skin in the morning.


The first step is to cleanse your face with a soft-based cleanser product to avoid losing your natural skin oil. If your skin is very dry, you can wash it only with water.


The next step is to apply toner to prepare your skin to be layered with serum and moisturizer. Moreover, it also works to get rid of sebaceous and dirt on your face.


Serum gives concentrated, strong active dosage into your skin. Various serum types are formulated  based on your needs such as protecting your skin from free radicals, containing vitamin C, and avoiding aging.

Eye cream

Eye cream is necessary because skin around the eyes has thinner layers than the other facial skin areas. Therefore, you need to use a proper eye cream product to avoid aging.

Spot treatment

To overcome acne caused by clogged pores and other skin problems, you can use products containing salicylic acid, centella asiatica, glycolic acid, and tea tree.


Moisturizer is necessary for every skin type; therefore, you need to use a moisturizer product capable of dehydrating your skin and maintaining your skin barrier’s health. In addition, you have to make sure that your moisturizer can hold up all previously applied skincare layers tightly, and is suitable for your skin and your surrounding weather.

Face Oil

Like moisturizer, it can hold up all skincare layers previously applied on your facial skin for all skin types.


The last step is applying sunscreen. It is a must-apply product in your daily skincare despite your effort to minimize the use of skincare. Choose a sunscreen product capable of protecting from direct UVA and UVB lights in the formula of SPF and PA.


Less is more! You do not have to apply all those steps above because you need to use skincare products only based on your needs, and do not get easily influenced by skincare reviews.

Make sure to try on products with the suitable contents for your skin. Always do the patch test when you are trying a new product, especially for those with sensitive skins.

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