How to Make Money from the Internet

The more the era develops, the more various necessities people have, both the primary and the secondary needs. As a result, they do not only buy items according to their necessities, but also their desires. The items they want, however, can cost them so much money that they need to manage to earn more and more money to buy such items.

Working as one of the ways to make a living is crucial for everyone to fulfill their daily needs. The internet, therefore, is able to tell you how to make money easily.

Making money through the internet is not a hard job because many have proven they can earn hundred million rupiahs with their online business and you can achieve the same goal.


How to Make Money Online

The most profitable ways to earn money from the internet you should try amid the other abundant ones are as follows.

Joining an Affiliation Program

Affiliation program is product sale and promotion co-operations in which you will receive rewards for each product sold. It basically is a profit sharing program enabling you to earn money without capitals because almost all affiliate programs are free to join.

Online Shops

If you have quality products, you may start an online shop. It is a various product-displaying website to sell and offers features to ease customers to buy the items.

Online Coaching Service

Online Courses

Like the online coaching, online courses enable you to earn money with your skills. The distinction is that online courses require you to have a website for your main online business and interesting materials for teaching.

Graphic Design Service

Bringing concepts to amazing visual displays is not an easy task. Therefore, a skilled designer is required especially for business reasons. It is possible for you to earn money from the internet with your skills and even to sell your designs.

Drophip Sales

Dropship is a non-capital and non-product stock selling business. What you need to do is to link between customers and suppliers in which you will receive profits from the price differences you and the suppliers offer.

Making Money from Blogs

Blogging can be a way to earn money from the internet. Everyone can create and write blogs as there is no specific rule about the topic choices. To start earning money from blogs, you surely need to create one as your first step.

Digital Photo Sales

When taking photos is your hobby, it is possible for you to upload them to websites such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto and Etsy from which you will receive commissions for every photo purchase. The more photos people download, the more profit you earn.

Online Design Contests

With your graphic design skill, you can participate in design contests. Some sites you can try are 99designs, LogoMyWay and DesignCrowd. If you win the contests, you will receive the rewards provided.


Make time to upload videos on TikTok regularly. For example, you may upload one video per week every Sunday when people are on holiday accessing their social media accounts.


Create attractive video contents and upload them on your YouTube channel. If you get advertisements on your videos, you will automatically receive a lot of money.


There are plenty of ways to choose to make money from the internet and whatever option is chosen, please make good preparations before directly dealing with business. Apart from the internet, there can be other ways to make money you need to try.

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