Minimalism Lifestyle: Definition, Benefits and How to Become One

Minimalism lifestyle was quite a thing for the past few years and is nothing new. This concept, which was first related to art and architecture fields, has been involved in lifestyle.

Minimalism lifestyle involves modest lifestyle that offers serenity or brings more joy. People who live in simplicity intentionally focus on maximizing fewer things they have to pursue a more comfortable life.

In general, they are good at managing their daily needs and make the best use of their less stuff.


What is a Minimalism?

The minimalist lifestyle historically began from arts, particularly in building design and architecture. It would then be associated with only architectural design. This lifestyle is driven by the idea that most people must have a lot of stuff they don’t really need. 

While they can actually live without them, they insist on keeping them, making their house full of clutter.

Minimalism lifestyle is a concept of living with fewer things and tends to be as simple as possible yet beneficial. It also focuses on helping others and the environment.

In short, this lifestyle means to avoid being excessive and extravagant to live a more modest yet qualified life. 



There are many advantages to living a minimalism. Gaining more confidence is just one benefit from the rest of listed below:

Improve Financial Health

This lifestyle helps you differentiate between needs and wants. Buying needs means we save more money for other essential matters.    

Saving Time and Energy

A neat house with fewer stuffs means less time and energy for regular maintenance.  

Less Stressed

Feeling enough prevents us from being easily influenced by others

Make Use of a Space

Stuff-less space looks cozy and roomy. We can transform the space into the room you need. 

Do Others and Environment Good Deeds

Donating items to others that can use them. Giving away our secondhand items is a form of our commitment to preserve the environment.


Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

When first knowing about the benefits of this lifestyle, you can be anxious about how to make the first step. Here are some tips you should consider:


Sorting out stuff into these categories: broken, disposable, donated or sold. 

Regular organizing

Includes tidying up, maintenance and preventing piling up stuff.   

Shop Wisely

Avoid purchasing unnecessary things.

Quality Over Quantity

Buy high quality and long-term items.  

Less Emotional Attachment to Things

Avoid keeping so much unnecessary stuffs.

Organize Your Wardrobe

De-clutter your less favorite clothes.

Replacing instead of Adding

Use one in one out rules (you can throw, donate or sell the items).


How Minimalism Saves You More Money 

Do you know that your lifestyle possibly influences your monthly expenses? Technically, a fancy lifestyle requires more money compared to living a minimalist and modest life.

That said, you can welcome simple living and implement them into your own life. But, how do we start?

The followings will show you how this lifestyle works and saves you more money:

Take care of your belongings

Having more stuffs often make us lazy to take care of them. In fact, regular care helps them last longer and you need no replacement for quite some time.        

Buy less but high quality items

High-quality items are unquestionably durable. You can either reduce waste and save more money.  

Seek out experience when traveling

New experiences are waiting outside your comfort zone. Get a backpack to stop you buying unnecessary souvenirs. 

Focus on things you need

When you set your focus only on things you need, you will eventually remove the unnecessary items on the list. This will save you more money for sure. 

Excessive groceries is a big no

Frequently shop for perishable food, like greenies and meat, to keep them from being spoiled and ending in a waste.


Minimalism lifestyle is a quite popular solution to fight against daily chaos. By having fewer belongings and focusing on what does matter, this lifestyle can save you more time, money and of course, energy. 

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