How to Make Money from the Internet

make money

The more the era develops, the more various necessities people have, both the primary and the secondary needs. As a result, they do not only buy items according to their necessities, but also their desires. The items they want, however, can cost them so much money that they need to manage to earn more and more money to buy such items.

Working as one of the ways to make a living is crucial for everyone to fulfill their daily needs. The internet, therefore, is able to tell you how to make money easily.

Making money through the internet is not a hard job because many have proven they can earn hundred million rupiahs with their online business and you can achieve the same goal.

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Minimalism Lifestyle: Definition, Benefits and How to Become One


Minimalism lifestyle was quite a thing for the past few years and is nothing new. This concept, which was first related to art and architecture fields, has been involved in lifestyle.

Minimalism lifestyle involves modest lifestyle that offers serenity or brings more joy. People who live in simplicity intentionally focus on maximizing fewer things they have to pursue a more comfortable life.

In general, they are good at managing their daily needs and make the best use of their less stuff.

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Writer’s Block and Its Causes

writer's block

Writer’s block often happens to writers, either professional or beginner writers. It happens when they meet the ‘deadlock’ either in the beginning, the middle, or the end of their writing processes. When it happens, the writers’ minds get stuck or stop processing everything. It is no wonder that writers need some time to take a rest while searching for ideas to keep on writing.

But, never lose hope when it happens to you because there are several ways to overcome such a problem.

Let’s get started!

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Global Warming: Definition, Causes, and Effects on Humans’ Lives

global warwing

Global warming can give rise to the melting of the North and the South poles’ ice as it has occurred in the Arctic areas that heats twice faster than the other parts of the world resulting in the white ice cubes in the sea to diminish or, even worse, to vanish.

The global temperature which is approximately 1 to 1.5 degree celsius higher than normal is the common cause of global warming. Despite the temperature’s little increase, it turns out that it makes huge impacts on the earth.

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SWOT Analysis: Keys to Successful Business

swot analysis

SWOT analysis is a technique that helps you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and to develop a strategic strategy for you. It is relatively easy to conduct, compared to how it might be. 

This not only analyzes those four for specific projects but the whole business plan as well. It is a tool that provides your team with strategic planning to anticipate future trends.

This article will explore what SWOT analysis is and discuss how to conduct it properly.

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Mind Mapping: Definition, Types, Benefits, Examples and Tutorial

mind mapping

When attempting to visualize complex information, mind mapping would be one of the best solutions. This method is usually chosen to help us remember a concept easily.

Mind mapping works best on information management, including learning, project planning, brainstorming and making decisions. It is also capable of visually connecting and compiling information in easily understood and organized ways. This organizational structure helps people to have better understanding and remembering information.

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Simply Effective Tips to Boost Confidence

boost confidence

Simply Effective Tips to Boost Confidence – Confidence is a must-have element for humans because lack of confidence will affect your health and lifestyles badly. It also helps you to be a brave risk taker to make progress in life. From internal and external aspects, high confidence will produce positivity, happiness, and endurance and gain more opportunities to find new things in life respectively.

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SEO 101: Definition, Types, Benefits and Optimization for Beginner


If you are just getting started on organizing a website, SEO is the first thing you should know most. From its definition, types and optimization..

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to climb to the first place of search engine. One thing you can do is to maximize the keywords, which is essential in marketing and digital marketing implementation strategy.

Being on the first page or first place of a search engine means your website has more potential to drive more visitors.

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