Creative Writing for More Interesting Works

creative writing

First of all, a good writer should learn how to write well for either fiction or non-fiction stories to be able to create well-written stories. Some writing work needs basic writing techniques, but other literary works need creative writing techniques, which are not simple, unlike the basic ones.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider two major aspects before doing creative writing, such as the definition of creative writing and how to do it.

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Frugal Living, A Lifestyle that Everyone Can Follow

frugal living

Frugal living is an alternate lifestyle that is being considered due to the pandemic. Those uncertain situations eventually lead people to think more of fueling their emergency funds rather than spending on fancy lifestyles.

The pandemic was able to describe people’s financial condition, their retirement fund saving and how strong the financial foundation is.

Adopting frugal living means we prefer to prepare our healthy meals from home than eating out, buying high-quality local products regardless of brands, and excluding ourselves from having the latest fashion or gadgets.

Nevertheless, a frugal person will set the standards for their quality of life without being bothered by people’s opinion. They decide to intentionally obtain their long-term financial goals.

Several studies have explored this lifestyle recently. Not only they associate it to personal long-term financial goals, but more to human life sustainability in the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic and climate changes, therefore, were the main reasons behind declaring and campaigning frugal living to today’s generation.

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Indonesian Cuisine History We Should Know

indonesian cuisine

Known for its spice-based cuisine, Indonesia attracts many countries to visit. Since then, Indonesian cuisine under the influence of immigrant groups, who came and stayed, developed a cultural assimilation. The influence also occurred during the arrival of Islam in Indonesia through Arabian and Indian traders. They gradually introduced their cuisine such as curries while spreading … Read more

Green Lifestyle: Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle You Should Experience

green lifestyle

Green lifestyle is an environmentally responsible way of life that attempts to reduce Earth’s natural resources damage. This lifestyle is aware of the use of limited natural resources and aims to decrease waste, pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Green lifestyle also implements simple habits like using more public transport, reducing the use of water and electricity, avoiding plastic bags and disposable materials, garbage recycling and composting, as well as choosing eco-friendly and organic products.

This lifestyle is a way to directly create balance and sustainable life, preserving the Earth and benefiting both the environment and our health.

Somehow, it is imperative to adopt this lifestyle to conserve the environment. Since people start recognizing that green living offers a healthy life and is financially secure.

We can start living this lifestyle by personally committing simple steps. Though striving yourself to this new friendly lifestyle takes a lot of courage.

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Best Types of Investment for a Better Future

best investment

Creating a life plan is best done from a young age. Start with considering which investment is best suited for your future life.

Investment is shortly known as an action of investing money for profit returns in the future.

Your dream of a secured future heavily depends on your financial growth and stability within specified time. In short, today’s best investment is money.

Investing does seem scary and complicated for most people. Part of the problem is the difficulty of getting reliable sources, fear of loss and inability to start an investment.

Nevertheless, preparing to start investing is such a valuable experience you can reminisce years ahead.

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Expert Advice: Plant Care Guide Like a Pro

plant care

Expert Advice: Plant Care Guide Like a Pro – One of the dream-comes-true moments is to have a beautiful and healthy garden. In fact, gardening needs the right maintenance and guides to grow the plants well. Keeping your garden well-maintained and green would be the best view you can afford after a long tired day.

Plants are generally easy to take care of. Without hiring a gardener, you can mostly do everything by yourself.

While most people think it is only a matter of watering and fertilizing, it takes more concern to successfully grow healthy plants.

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How to Prolong Women’s Perfume Fragrance

women perfume

It is admitted that being fragrant boosts women’s confidence level, so it is no wonder that, as women, you always wear your favorite perfume every time. The question is whether you know how to wear your perfume in the right way. In fact, the right application of perfume can prolong its fragrance.

Not only should you buy costly, branded perfume, but also understand how to wear it properly to make the fragrance last a long time.

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The Significance of Personal Financial Management

financial management

The Significance of Personal Financial Management – Everybody needs money because of its critical roles in humans’ lives without which everything will likely run badly and even the primary needs may not be fulfilled. Unfortunately, a lot of people still lack understanding of how important it is to manage their personal finances.

It is true that managing personal finances is a tricky task due to the fact that it not only considers the incomes and expenses, but also learns how to make the two factors work hand-in-hand.

To motivate you to start managing your personal finance, here are some factors to take into serious considerations: 

  • An emergency fund, a useful fund in emergency conditions which cannot be handled with your fixed income and can be used at an unfixed time for any emergencies
  • A disciplinary method
  • A plan to leave financial inheritance to your family members
  • Financial risk reductions
  • financial independence

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Tips to Start and Grow an Online Business

online business

Tips to Start and Grow an Online Business – In this era of rapid technological development, people look for convenience to get everything more efficiently. That includes what to buy online or what online service to use.

This is indeed a great opportunity to build a profitable business. With numerous references and tips, you can start your interesting and modern online based business.

Online business itself has many benefits. Such as minimum startup capital, wider customers reach, flexible sales and promotion time, effective stock management and bigger profit margin.

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