Pomodoro Technique: Definition, Advantage, and Steps

Do you think you have difficulty managing your time and staying focused on lessons? If so, then pomodoro technique is an important thing for you to learn because it will help you manage your time and stay focused on doing anything.

Such a technique is considered effective in maximizing the available time for both learning and working.



Pomodoro is a time management philosophy in which you have to focus fully on something at certain times.

It was first introduced by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s when he was always having trouble staying focused on lectures at university. He, then, realized that he needed to learn and have a break at certain intervals for his physique and mental health to be fresh.

The word ‘Pomodoro’ is derived from Italian which means ‘tomato’, also known as a timer machine in a tomato shape used by Cirillo to make his time management method perfect. The name came to his inspiration from the way he sliced tomatoes when he was a student.

Pomodoro is a technique of dividing the working hours into 25 minutes of concentration, called the ‘podomoro’, and a short 5-minute-break after each podomoro interval, but a longer 15-30-minute-break is taken after 4 podomoro intervals.

To make it clearer, have a look at the following steps to apply the podomoro technique.

  1. Turn off your phone’s notifications, or put your phone to airplane mode to avoid any coming notifications.
  2. Select your to-do-tasks and prioritize the ones on closed due dates.
  3. Set your timer in 25 minutes.
  4. Manage to focus on doing your tasks until the timer ends. You may not do any other things in 25 minutes. This is called the ‘pomodoro’.
  5. Stop doing your tasks when the timer ends.
  6. Take a 5-minute-break and you may go to the bathroom, drink, do the stretching, and so on.
  7. When the 5-minute-timer ends, repeat the timer to 25 minutes and get back to your focus on doing the task.
  8. When you have completed the 4 pomodoro intervals, you may have a long 15-30-minute-rest.

Having a break is proof that even the brain is limited to certain activities. Therefore, you should never forget to always have a break.


The Advantages of the Pomodoro Technique

Not only it helps you do the tasks faster, but also it trains the brain to focus at certain times. The other advantages are described as follows.

Focus Training

The brain will get accustomed to staying focused for a shorter range of time through the pomodoro technique.


Having rest intervals a couple of times does not mean a decrease in your productivity. In fact, you will be able to manage completing your tasks by setting your focus for such a short range of time, instead.

Discipline Training

You can be a more disciplined person by applying the pomodoro technique. Note that once you get distracted while doing this technique, you have to repeat it from the beginning.

Mental Health Maintenance

Having 5-minute-rests after each 25 minutes of learning intervals means to let your body and mind relax and rest.


How to Apply the Pomodoro Technique

Here are the steps to apply the Pomodoro technique:

Provide supporting tools and a comfortable place

You can make use of a pomodoro application that you can download on your cell phone. The application will set your required time automatically or you can use your own timer to see how long you spend on doing the tasks. Furthermore, you need to find a cozy place such as a private room that is distant away from people.

Prioritize your targets

You can choose a task to finish in each session and focus on doing such a task at a certain time to avoid distractions from other uncompleted tasks at a time. You may also set a priority scale to select which task you need to complete first.

Set the right times for your rests and your focus

You may decide by yourself how long you need to focus and to rest. Your choice of time does not have to be similar to the one suggested by Cirillo which is 25 minutes of focus and 5 minutes of rest because it all depends on how much work you have to do.

Rest in the right way

Pomodoro technique suggests resting in between intervals by leaving the inhabited place in order to experience new, cozy, relaxing situations. Otherwise, you can make use of the rest time to grab your snacks or to go to the bathroom.

Repeat the technique four times

Upon completing your time set up of rest and focus, you should repeat the technique four times. When you have finished it, you can take a longer rest of 20-30 minutes.


This modern era has made people feel so busy and burdened with tasks that they have trouble managing their times well. Therefore, pomodoro technique has become well-known to solve the problem because it offers a simple, effective way of time management in order to enhance productivity by focusing on the target tasks.

Besides, pomodoro technique helps relieve stress and fatigue as it gives sufficient periods of rest times for your mind and body. Consistency and discipline can help build good habits to improve your time management ability.

Despite its simplicity, many people have tried and felt the benefits of pomodoro technique. However, such a technique may not be the only problem solver for your time and productivity issues because people may vary in how they manage their time. Therefore, you can adjust this technique with your necessities and lifestyles.

Good luck!

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