SEO 101: Definition, Types, Benefits and Optimization for Beginner

If you are just getting started on organizing a website, SEO is the first thing you should know most. From its definition, types and optimization..

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to climb to the first place of search engine. One thing you can do is to maximize the keywords, which is essential in marketing and digital marketing implementation strategy.

Being on the first page or first place of a search engine means your website has more potential to drive more visitors.



Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy to get your website on the first place of search engine results with designated keywords. While your website becomes more visible to users with keywords, the SEO optimization relies on the search engine.

SEO mostly focuses on the keywords that users enter on the search. Implementing SEO techniques helps you find more potential users for your contents.     

By filtering related keywords, you are helping users find your relevant contents easily. This can also be beneficial for others with different purposes. 

Eventually, most users would revisit your website, reading the latest content you posted.


Types of SEO

SEO is divided into several types to help you improve the website ranks. They are:

  1. On-page SEO: optimizing the website page. It involves improvements to the website structure, applying relevant keywords and meta tag optimization. 
  2. Off-page SEO: optimizing the website externally, such as creating backlink from other websites.
  3. Technical SEO: optimizing the website technical aspects, including optimizing HTML code, website speed, and mobile-friendliness.


Simple Ways to Optimize SEO

Explore the following steps you can do to optimize Search Engine Optimization:

Maximizing relevant keywords

First, always use popular and most relevant keywords to your content. An article should include most related and searched keywords to sit on the first rank of search engine.    

Using powerful internal link

Second, use a powerful internal link or inbound link. Internal link is any link that directs the users to another article or page in the same website. The term “also read” in an article is one example of how an article directs you to another article within the same blog.     

Backlink, Backlink and Backlink

Backlink is a link that navigates other websites or pages to yours. Let’s say you manage a blog with culinary articles as your main contents. If a culinary-related website shares one of your article links, that is called backlink.  

Creating engaging contents

Most websites publish articles for their audiences. You can write informative yet entertaining articles, while titles must be short and involve keywords too.

Inserting keywords in the opening paragraph and URL will work, too. Write an article with 800-1000 words to improve SEO. Short paragraphs and some pictures inserted makes it an interesting article to read.   

Using additional tools

Last but not least, use extra tools when needed. They help you monitor the blog performance and contents. Some are available to install free or paid SEO analysis plug-in, such as Ahrefs and Semrush.

Explore each plug-in and their usage to properly make a choice for your website.



The profit is what people have in mind when they start their business. In term of gaining more profit, optimizing SEO is an ideal technique to do.

Here are some benefits for your business, when you start optimizing SEO on online marketing:

Drive potential traffic

Once a website is being optimized properly, its rank on the search engine is raising up. Consequently, it has a bigger chance to drive more potential traffic (visitors).  

Improve brand awareness

With popularity, the brand easily increases its sales. Optimizing SEO is an effective way to improve brand awareness.   

Collect customers data for free

If your website is on the first rank of a search engine, customer data collection is a piece of cake. 


Now that we have thoroughly discussed SEO, optimizing it helps your website become more visible and climb higher rank on the search engine.

By having a good firm and understanding about SEO, you can offer your visitors the best experience and increase your online business success rate. 

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