Writer’s Block and Its Causes

Writer’s block often happens to writers, either professional or beginner writers. It happens when they meet the ‘deadlock’ either in the beginning, the middle, or the end of their writing processes. When it happens, the writers’ minds get stuck or stop processing everything. It is no wonder that writers need some time to take a rest while searching for ideas to keep on writing.

But, never lose hope when it happens to you because there are several ways to overcome such a problem.

Let’s get started!


What is a Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is a condition when a writer, either professional or beginner, is having a hard time writing for a while or for good. Such a term has been used since the 1940s, which was first introduced by an American psychoanalyst, Edmund Bergler.

In short, writer’s block is a condition when an eloquent writer, who is able to write well, feels like getting ‘stuck’ and unable to write anymore.

When it happens, a writer may feel unable to compose new stories, continue the previous stories, get new inspirations to write over, and become frustrated.



Here are several causes that trigger a writer’s block making you get stuck in writing.


It occurs when a writer feels fearful of either being unable to create excellent works, being criticized, or being rejected by publishers. Such fearful feelings distract his/her focus to compose and to continue stories.

Being a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can be an obstacle for writing. It is true that a writer always wants the best works, but being too perfect can give a writer trouble writing anything.

Over self-criticism

Criticizing yourself too much will only prevent you from writing well. What is worse is when you start comparing your writing with others’ successful writings, you will always feel terrible about yours.

Burnout experience

Burnout is related to emotional, physical, and mental fatigue triggered by over continuous stress owing to work pressures or deadlines causing a writer to have difficulty writing as he/she is experiencing a writer’s block.

External pressure

In this case, a writer never actually wants to write something, but he/she is being forced by others to compose stories. As a result, it becomes such tough work to even make up words in the writing.


The Signs

Writer’s block signs may vary for each writer which include as follows.

  1. Being unable to stay focused
  2. Being indecisive
  3. Feeling continuous failures
  4. Observing too many references
  5. Having less motivation to write
  6. Correcting the writing too much


How to Overcome Writer’s Block

It is frustrating for writers to experience writer’s block because they want to create excellent work, yet they are having a hard time writing anything at that moment.

Here are recommended ways to overcome it.

Doing some exercises

Doing some exercises helps you refresh your mind, relieves your stress, makes you stay focused, energizes yourself to remain productive, and enhances your memory. Regular exercises can also improve your creativity and ability to solve problems out of the box, which is required in writing.

Changing surroundings and views

Sometimes your mind needs new surroundings and views to obtain new ideas. As a writer, you may want to write your work at cafes or parks instead of staying at home, which is no longer inspirational. If you expect to find new inspirations from the surrounding, you will have to go out of your house to go sightseeing.

Shifting work

It is not a bad idea to shift work temporarily when you are unable to express your ideas due to writer’s block. For example, you may start taking up new hobbies such as drawing, painting, etc.

Writing freely

It is intended to let your imaginations be free. When it is done, the writer can reread it to find out the results or even to get new inspirations.

Avoid distracting activities

The only way to overcome distracting activities is to avoid them. For instance, when a writer gets easily distracted with his/her phone, he/she needs to turn off the phone for a while.


In summary, it is known that several factors have become the causes of writer’s block triggered by either external or internal ones. Figuring out the causes can help writers overcome the problem and know how to avoid the same problem from happening in the future.

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